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Speak my Language – translated resources and carer’s guides to help client’s understand the Aged Care system.

My Aged Care


Alcohol and Drug

Keeping yourself and your community safe while driving – information about alcohol and other drugs – Qld Network of Alcohol and other drugs (QNADA) – Download translated fact sheets here.

Understanding Alcohol

Allergy and Anaphylaxis

Calling an Ambulance videos in multiple languages (flat or virtual reality goggles)

Easy English Fact sheet Calling an ambulance


Translated Appointment Reminder Tool – NSW Refugee Health Service

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Breast Health

BSQ and Metro North HHS – ‘Your Guide to Breast Health – English and translated short versions:

Breastfeeding and children’s nutrition

Global Health Media – Many videos in many languages

Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

Bowel Screening

Translated brochures and videos

Translated pictorial fact sheets about How to take a stool sample (‘Collecting poop with pics‘)

Breast Screening

BSQ and Metro North HHS – ‘Your Guide to Breast Health – English and translated short versions:

Cervical Screening

    Simplified resource on 3 cancer screening programs for CALD community members (15 languages) from Cancer Institute NSW. See them here.


    Child Health

    Natural disasters

    Children’s story books, ‘Birdie’s Tree’ helps babies and young children cope with the preparedness, response and recovery phases of natural disasters.

    Paediatric Sepsis

    Translated fact sheets and videos from Children’s Health Qld

    Benefits of being bilingual

    Speak to your child in the language you know best – English posters and translated information


    Metro South Health – videos in multiple languages – View the videos

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    Cue Cards

    Communication Tool (print your own) –  Eastern Health Language Services

    • Diabetes NSW & ACT  – A series of books – 20 languages
    • Ethno Med – Pictorial presentations with bilingual voice overs:
      • How Foods Affect Blood Sugar (Ethiopian and Eritrean Patients)
      • How Foods Affect Blood Sugar (Iraqi and Syrian Patients)
      • How Foods Affect Blood Sugar (For Somali Patients)
        Download them all here
    Domestic and Family Violence

    Family Safety Pack is a resource for all people coming to Australia and is available in 46 languages. Developed by the Australian Government,  includes information about:

    • domestic and family violence
    • sexual assault
    • forced and early marriage
    • family violence and partner visas
    • dowry abuse
    • female genital mutilation/cutting
    • LGBTQIA+ relationships
    • trafficking and slavery

    Access the Pack here.

    Health Assessments

    National Heart Foundation – information about Warning signs , Healthy heart habits, Heart healthy tips – English and Arabic

    Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease


    Translated resources and videos about hepatitis testing, healthy eating and living with Hepatitis available HERE.

    ECCQ – Hepatitis, HIV and Sexual Health

    Hepatitis Australia – English and other languages here.

    Mental Health

    How to use medicines correctly

    Easidose – A prescribing aid addressing language and literacy barriers using colour coding for medications, and picture based instructions

    Oral Health

    Metro South Health – translated pictorial information

    Queensland Health – Translated brochure ‘How to keep your teeth healthy’

    Palliative Care
    Pregnancy & Parenting

    A suite of approved stillbirth prevention resources for use in the implementation and promotion of the Safer Baby Bundle collaboratively designed for healthcare professionals working with pregnant women. See them here.

    Raising Children – Translated videos and picture guides 

    Reproductive and Sexual Health Resources

    FPV and Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health have translated resources here. 

    Rights and responsibilities

    Signs of stroke & What is stroke – information in other languages by Stroke Foundation Australia


    Animation about How to use Telehealth in English produced by Brisbane South PHN and audio files in some languages available here.


    Qld Health – translated information into multiple languages.

    Vitamin D deficiency

    NSW –  Information on who is at risk, how a vitamin D deficiency is diagnosed and treated. Multiple languages 

    Women’s Health

    Reproductive and Sexual Health – Multilingual resources – Family Planning Victoria

    Multilingual information on endometriosis, menopause, ‘Be healthier’ and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Available from Jean Hailes for Women’s Health 

    Family Safety Pack – information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault and forced marriage, and a woman’s right to be safe.

    Female Circumcision booklet for communities

    NEFTA – various language

    Cervical Screening Test – how to collect your own sample (pictorial pdf) – English, Arabic

    Women’s & Newborn Health – Multicultural & Multilingual Information (Pregnancy, giving birth, breasfeeding, parenting, vaccination) – Arabic, Burmese, Dari, Farsi, Somali, Tamil

    Reducing stillbirth for migrant and refugee women – Resources for Arabic, Dari, Dinka and Karen speaking communities (with English translations so healthcare professionals know what they are sharing)


    Headspace – Translated brochure