Learnings about CALD Engagement during COVID 19 in Queensland

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The CALD COVID Health Engagement Project (CCHEP) was delivered from 2020-2022. It was evaluated by QUT.

Alongside CCHEP, Centacare FNQ led further consultations with stakeholders and their networks across seven regions in Queensland, known as the Think Tank. The aim of these consultations was to document lessons learnt from CALD Communities in Queensland and outline models of engaging with CALD communities, informed by CALD community perspectives on how to build capabilities and respond to the next phase of living with COVID. Concurrently Dr Paul Schmidt conducted semi-structured consultations with key practitioners who worked in government and non-government, multicultural and health sectors during the response to the COVID pandemic in QLD 2020-2022 with the aim of developing a practical resource for planning and implementation. 

Taken together, the tools and strategies support an interlinked approach to CALD community engagement and government decision making.  The findings from these consultations resulted in several documents that aim to collectively demonstrate a community development approach which will support services and community to respond effectively to COVID 19 and other future crises.  

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