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For information about specific refugee populations settling in Queensland, see Refugee Health and Refugee Populations.


Working with people from refugee backgrounds: A guide for social workers 2nd Edition 2022. This book gives important practical knowledge which will assist social workers in their practice

Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool

Based on international best practice, this tool is a ‘how to’ guide to workplace cultural diversity, designed to help employers make the most of a culturally diverse workforce.





eCALD and Cross Cultural Resource for Health Practitioners working with CALD clients E-Toolkit  includes information about different cultures, supporting muslim clients and working with religious diversity.


Little Book of Cultural Tips and Cultural Awareness in the Workplace – Interactive training addressing the specific cultural needs of professional organisations. 

Centre for Culture, ethnicity and Health




The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health offer training programs, cultural competence audit and cultural competence resources. Working through the challenges of community engagement with migrants and refugees.

‘Communicating across cultures in primary healthcare’ workshop on the Brisbane South PHN website. The workshop is for clinicians and administration staff working in primary healthcare. It provide tools to understand and bridge cultural difference in order to have effective interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds and ensure the delivery of high-quality health care.

Female Genital Mutilation /Circumcision / Cutting 6 Feb, 2023  – webinar Watch it here.

Safe and person-centred healthcare for refugee and asylum seeker communities
In this episode, infectious diseases specialist Dr Nadia Chaves, counsellor Tigist Kebede, and lawyer Sahema Saberi talk on a podcast. Listen here.

Health Equity and Inclusion  Metro North Hospital and Health Services (Qld Health staff only access)

Qld Health Health Care Providers’ Guides
Cultural diversity: A Guide for health professionals 
On Muslim Patients and On Hindu Patients and On Sikh Patients