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Topic-specific working and advisory groups are established on an as needed basis and reports to RH PAGQ.

Refugee Health Clinical Advisory Group (RH-CAG)

The group comprises primary health care clinicians and other allied health professionals who meet monthly to discuss: clinical protocols, develop clinical resources, identify training needs and coordinate training events. The group provides direct feedback to the RH PAGQ.
The chair of RH CAG is currently: Dr Rachel Claydon
More information: Andrea Vancia Ph: (07) 3864 7580 E:

Brisbane Refugee Health Advisory Group

The Brisbane Refugee Health Advisory Group are 11 Health Development Consultants who are all regarded as leaders in their respective communities from South Sudan, Eritrea, Burundi, Rwanda,  Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Myanmar.
The group is a mechanism through which health services can have access to the voice of refugee communities. The group also facilitates training and education of staff, participate in research projects and contribute to developing health literacy resources.
More information: E: or Ph: 07 3163 6355

Mental Health Working Group

The Group comprises of representatives from service whose primary function is the delivery of mental health services to people from CALD refugee backgrounds. The Group shares information, advocacy, policy development, resources.  In South East Queenland, the working group provides links to the Local Mental Health Collaborates.
The chair is currently: QTCMHC
More information contact: E: Ph: (07) 3317 1182

Research and Evaluation Working Group

The Group comprises of organisations engaged in research and evaluation of Refugee Health Network Qld activities across the State. This working group is not currently active.
More information

Refugee Oral Health Working Group

The Group comprises of Public Oral Health Services, PHNs, Refugee Health Services, Settlement Services and Tzu Chi Foundation.
The chair is currently: Dr Peter Osborne, Director Oral Health Services, Office of the Chief Dental Officer
More information Ph: (07) 3163 2958 or E:

Interpreter Working Group

The group comprises of HHSs, PHNs, Interpreter Reps, QCOSS, NAATI and Qld Health.  The group is working to raise issues around accessing interpreters in Qld and promote solutions that meet the needs of communities, interpreters and services.
The chair is currently: Donata Sackey, Director Mater Refugee Health Service
More information Ph: (07) 3163 2958 or E: