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Eueensland Health dental services are provided through public dental clinics across Queensland. All newly arrived refugees have access to a prioritised oral health assessment.

For newly arrived refugees use the referral forms below related to the Queensland Health region where patient is living.

If the patient has pain then ensure the Oral Health Hub is aware of this situation or follow the procedures to make an emergency dental appointment.

Metro South Brisbane Oral Health Hub (MSOH Hub) 

Referral of Refugees and Asylum Seekers -Processes and Flow Chart
How to make a general referral to MSOH

  1. Use the MSOH Referral Form (Updated Oct 2022), ensuring all information is completed including the dental clinic of choice.
  2. Email the completed Referral Form to the MSOH HUB (Oral Health Call Centre) MSOH.RAS.Referrals@health.qld.gov.au
  3. MSOH HUB will register the patient on the Refugee Referral Waiting List.
  4. MSOH HUB will notify the MSOH clinic via email that the patient has been placed on the Refugee Referral Waiting List and will fax the Referral Form to the nominated dental clinic.
  5. The nominated dental clinic will contact the patient to arrange an appointment (using the NSW interpreter appointment tool).
  6. The nominated clinic will email/mail/SMS the patient and referring agency the details of the appointment.

Emergency treatment
If the client needs an emergency appointment, please contact the MSOH HUB to access emergency services. A dental emergency is defined by Queensland Health Dental Services as trauma including loss of function; swelling; uncontrolled bleeding; or infection.

How to make an emergency dental appointment

  1. Refugee and asylum seeker support agencies/health clinic will contact MSOH HUB on 1300 300 850.
  2. Nominate a dental clinic that the patient can access.
  3. The MSOH HUB will make a dental appointment at a suitably located public dental clinic and send the appointment details via SMS to the patient.
  4. Agency staff should confirm appointment details (location and time) with the patient. Agency staff should emphasise that the patient must attend 10 minutes early and must contact MSOH HUB on 1300 300 850 if they cannot attend.
  5. Agency staff should fax the MSOH Referral Form to MSOH HUB on 07 3156 4345
  6. MSOH HUB will send an email to nominated clinic and will fax the Referral Form to the MSOH clinic.

Further information
e: metrosouthoralhealth@health.qld.gov.au
www: metrosouth.health.qld.gov.au/oral-health
t: 1300 300 850 f: (07) 3156 4345

Metro North Brisbane Oral Health Hub

How to Refer a patient:

1. Download the MNOHS Refugee Asylum Seeker referral form.

2. In addition Download the Queensland Health Medical History Medical Form
3. Fax Referral and Medical History forms to: (07) 5433 8577 or scan and Email: mnohs-referrals@health.qld.gov.au

For General Enquiries – Ph: 1300 300 850

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service – Oral Health

How to make a general referral

Toowoomba Hospital Dental Clinic: Ph: 1300 300 850​ (option #2)

Other Queensland Regions

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service: 1300 300 850
For all other Queensland Regional Areas see Queensland Health for details

Tzu Chi Foundation – Inclusive Health Dental Clinic

Eligibility Criteria: non-for-profit dental clinic supports those who are struggling and facing barriers in accessing services elsewhere, for instance:

    •  People seeking asylum who:
      • have neither permanent residency nor work rights that hinder their ability to earn an income, and
      • are experiencing other difficulties such as language barriers.
    • Current or previous rough sleepers who are unable to access public services due to complex health needs.
    • People experiencing/experienced domestic violence who require urgent treatment and care.

Referral Pathway: New medical History Form -For Referral.pdf

New referrals are welcomed, and urgent cases are prioritised.
• For new referrals, fill in the  Medical History Form and specify “Concerns / Problems with Teeth”.
• Please email the form back to clinic, with a summary of the client’s situation and the barriers preventing them from accessing services elsewhere
•  Each referral will be assessed individually and appointments will be booked accordingly if eligible.
• If further clarification required or referral has been determined not eligible, the agency will receive notification from the clinic.

Contact details:

‘Share the same smile’ – Pictorial Presentation for newly arrived humanitarian entrants
Adapted with permission by Refugee Health Network Qld from NSW Health – Oral Health Strategy and NSW Refugee Health Service this pictorial easy English presentation ‘Share the Same smile’ gives an overview of oral health services and looking after your teeth in Queensland.

Information about Betel Nut


Queensland Health – Oral Health


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