Michel Ghazal

Michel GhazalMichel Ghazal

Michel Ghazal is originally from Syria and speaks both Arabic and English. He has lived in Australia for over 7 years. Before coming to Australia, he lived in Syria for all his life, where he studied MD, and developed his knowledge about health and medicine.

In Australia he has studied Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Queensland. In addition, he has been working in the health sector since 2016. He is well connected with new arrivals from refugee backgrounds and the refugee health sector. He has been part of the “Refugee Health Advisory Group” (G11) at Mater Refugee Health for the past 7 years.

He has been involved as a volunteer at the Mater Hospital on several occasions between 2019 and 2023. Furthermore, he is very passionate about community development, and health research. Recently, he started working as a research assistant. Just another step forward towards achieving his ambition of becoming a researcher.