COVID-19 Audio Messages (ARCHIVE)

This page lists audio messages made in language during the COVID 19 pandemic (2020). Please note they may have been replaced by current Health Directives.  Please refer to the Qld Heath website for updated information.

Extended Lockdown for SE Qld (August, 2021) 

Audio versions of the 2021 Lockdown SE Qld 

Audio Update on 3 day lockdown and restrictions 2 July 2021








Arabic: Arabic Audio 2 July 2021

Easing of restrictions in Qld from May 15, 2020

AUDIO FILES (May 15, 2020 Easing of Restrictions)

ARABIC – Download

BURMESE – Download

CHIN (Matu) – Download

DARI – Download

FARSI – Download

FRENCH – Download

KAREN – Watch video here


NUER – Download

SWAHILI – Download.

SOMALI – Watch video here.

TIGRINYA – Download


Queensland Back to School Plan (May, 2020)

 English script

Here’s our back to school plan for Queensland students. Students in Kindy, Prep, Year 1, Year 11 and Year 12 will return to school on May 11, while students in Years 2 to 10 will continue remote learning at home. We will review the situation on May 15, with the goal to return the remaining students on May 25 if low COVID-19 transmission rates continue. Children of essential workers and vulnerable children are still able to attend school.
A sensible and gradual return is only possible because of Queensland’s success in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Compare our efforts to what has happened in other parts of the world and Queenslanders should feel very proud. Keep up the good work!  – Message from Annastacia Palaszczuk MP (May 4th, 2020).

Queensland Health Directive – May 2nd 2020

ARABIC AUDIO – Click here to download.

BURMESE AUDIO – Click here to Download.

KIRUNDI AUDIO – Click here to download.

TIGRINYA AUDIO – Click here to download.


Information for Parents about home learning

English – Information for Parents Home learning

Dari – Audio file


Kurdish Kurmanji

Audio Player


Kurdish Kurmanji – Download

Audio Player



Rohingya (Audio) – Download

Audio Player