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Brisbane Refugee Health Advisory Group (G11)

The Brisbane Refugee Health Advisory Group are 11 Health Development Consultants who are all regarded as leaders in their respective communities from South Sudan, Eritrea, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

The group is a mechanism through which health services can have access to the voice of refugee communities. The group also facilitates training and education of staff, participate in research projects and contribute to developing health literacy resources.

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Regional Community Support Programs

Ballina Region for Refugees Homestay Program

The Ballina Region for Refugees Homestay Program offers respite for asylum-seekers and refugees through short-term stays with host families in the Ballina region in far northern NSW.

The Homestay Program aims to build a bridge between asylum-seekers and refugees and the Australian community through our common humanity.

Ballina Region for Refugees Inc is totally operated by volunteers. More information here or Email: for further information.


Buddies is a Sunshine Coast group advocates for just and compassionate treatment of refugees, consistent with the human rights standards which Australia has developed and endorsed.

Buddies support policies towards refugees and asylum seekers that reflect respect, decency and traditional Australian generosity to those in need, while advancing Australia’s international standing and national interests. More information click here.