Network Working Groups

Topic-specific working groups are established on an as needed basis to operationalise the objectives of RHNQ and will report to RH PAGQ and provide feedback on activities. RH PAGQ will monitor outputs of working groups to ensure strategic consistency with RHNQ objectives.

Refugee Health Clinical Advisory Group (RH-CAG)

The group comprises primary health care clinicians and other allied health professionals who come together on a monthly basis to discuss: clinical protocols, develop clinical resources, identify training needs and coordinate training events. The group provides direct feedback to the RH PAGQ. The TOR for CAG are currently under review.

The chair of RH CAG is currently: Dr Margaret Kay

For more information contact: Brisbane South PHN, Andrea Vancia – Ph: (07) 3864 7580 Email:

Mental Health Working Group

The Group comprises of representatives from service whose primary function is the delivery of mental health services to people from CALD refugee backgrounds. The Group shares information, advocacy, policy development, resources.  In South East Queenland, the working group provides links to the Local Mental Health Collaborates.

The chair is currently: QPASTT

For more information contact: QPASTT – Ph: (07) 3391 6677 Email: 

Research and Evaluation Working Group

The Group comprises of organizations engaged in research and evaluation of Refugee Health Network Qld activities including: QH Strategic Policy Unit, PHNs, university,  health services (including QPASTT) and settlement services across the State. The group is currently developing the evaluation plan for the strategic policy and action plan.

The chair is currently: Paula Peterson – Mater UQ Centre for Integrated Care and Innovation

For more information contact – Paula Peterson Ph: (07) 3163 3718 or Email:

Refugee Oral Health Working Group

The Group comprises of Public Oral Health Services, PHNs, Refugee Health Services, Settlement Services and Tzu Chi Foundation.  The group is working in partnership to develop guidelines and pathways for clients from a refugee background to access oral health services.

The chair is currently: Dr Peter Osborne, Director Oral Health Services, Office of the Chief Dental Officer

For more information contact – Vicky Jacobson Ph: (07) 3163 2958 or Email:

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