Translated Resources

Translated Resources

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Ageing Well

Speak my Language – translated resources and carer’s guides to help client’s understand the Aged Care system.

My Aged Care

Moving Pictures – Dementia Awareness for CALD communities – Videos and comics in Arabic

Dementia Australia – Information in other languages

Palliative Care – Care Search

Allergy & Anaphylaxis

English and Arabic


Calling an Ambulance videos in multiple languages (flat or virtual reality goggles)


Translated Appointment Reminder Tool – NSW Refugee Health Service


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Breast Health

BSQ and Metro North HHS – ‘Your Guide to Breast Health – English and translated short versions:

Bowel Screening

Translated brochures and videos

Breastfeeding and children’s nutrition

Global Health Media – Many videos in many languages

Child Development
Maternal and Child Health (Victoria) – Key Ages and Stages incl. Kids Talk poster, Play Learn Grow and Healthy eating.

Metro South Health – videos in multiple languages – View the videos

Cue Cards Communication Tool (print your own) –  Eastern Health Language Services

Diabetes NSW & ACT  – A series of books – 20 languages

Ethno Med – Pictorial presentations with bilingual voice overs:

  • How Foods Affect Blood Sugar (Ethiopian and Eritrean Patients)
  • How Foods Affect Blood Sugar (Iraqi and Syrian Patients)
  • How Foods Affect Blood Sugar (For Somali Patients)
    Download them all here

Amparo Advocacy factsheets about the National Disability Insurance Scheme – 33 languages

Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health – Disability Services Glossary in Arabic and Vietnamese

NDIS – Easy English and videos

Female Genital Circumcision/Cutting

NEFTA – various language

General Health
Community Health Hub – H
ealth information in spoken languagues in Arabic, Swahili, French, Somali, Dinka, Kinyarawanda and Kirundi with an English script.

Glossary of terms – seeing a Doctor, Specialist or health professional

Arabic (PDF file)
Assyrian (PDF file)
Dari (PDF file)
Farsi (Persian) (PDF file)
Karen (PDF file)
Khmer (Cambodian) (PDF file)
Vietnamese (PDF file)

National Heart Foundation – information about Warning signs , Healthy heart habits, Heart healthy tips – English and Arabic

Heart – Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease


Translated resources and videos about hepatitis testing, healthy eating and living with Hepatitis available HERE.

My Guide to Chronic Hepatitis B – Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, English and other languages here.


Continence Foundation of Australia (multiple languages)


How to use medicines correctly

Easidose – A prescribing aid addressing language and literacy barriers using colour coding for medications, and picture based instructions

Mental Health

Mental Health videos in Dari, Arabic and Karen – from Italk Studios

Queensland Health – translated fact sheets about the Mental Health Act.

Transcultural Mental Health Centre (NSW)  – Translated Consumer Medication Brochures

Nutrition & Hygiene

Healthy Eating in Australia: Multilingual videos for newly arrived refugees and migrants – NSW

Pictorial and translated resources here.

Global Health Media – Nutrition videos in multiple languages

Keeping food safe – video

Oral Health
Metro South Health – translated pictorial information sheets.

Queensland Health – Translated brochure ‘How to keep your teeth healthy’

Raising Children – Find articles, videos and picture guides on key parenting topics translated into a selection of languages other than English (LOTE).

Reproductive and Sexual Health Resources

FPV and Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health have translated resources here. 

Rights and responsibilities
UNSW  – Fact sheet and videos in multiple languages about Human rights for people in Australia

Medical Terminations (MTOP) and Surgical Terminations (STOP)


Qld Health – translated information into multiple languages.

Vitamin D deficiency
NSW –  Information on who is at risk, how a vitamin D deficiency is diagnosed and treated. Multiple languages 

Women’s Health

Reproductive and Sexual Health – Multilingual resources – Family Planning Victoria

Multilingual information on endometriosis, menopause, ‘Be healthier’ and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Available from Jean Hailes for Women’s Health 

Family Safety Pack – information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault and forced marriage, and a woman’s right to be safe.

Female Circumcision booklet for communities



Headspace – Translated brochure

Building capacity and partnerships to improve health and wellbeing