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Pharmacy practitioners’ lived experiences of culture in multicultural Australia: From perceptions to skilled practice – Jasmina Fejzic,  Michelle Barker June, 2019

Experiences of Health Care among Refugee and Asylum Seeker Residents in Regional Victoria – University of Melbourne

Migrant and Refugee Women’s Health Partnership (Jan, 2019): Competency Standards Framework for Clinicians – Culturally responsive clinical practice and Guide for clinicians working with interpreters in healthcare settings

The Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA); Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA); the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA); and the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) released a new report outlining the significant obstacles faced by refugees with disabilities who are living in Australia (Feb 2019).



Intimate partner violence in Australian refugee communities – Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) – Intimate partner violence in Australian refugee communities: Scoping review of issues and responses Alissar El-Murr (Dec, 2018) Watch the video here

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DEALING WITH DIVERSITY: Aged care services for new and emerging communities  (August 2018) – National Seniors Australia

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Supporting the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Resettled Refugees – THE WINSTON CHURCHILL MEMORIAL TRUST OF AUSTRALIA. Report by Greg Turner – 2017 Churchill Fellow

An unnecessary penalty: Economic impacts of changes to the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) – FULL REPORT (Sept, 2018)


Access and Equity to feedback and complaints for multicultural communities – FECCA

Working Together to improved health literacy of women from refugee backgrounds (Aug 2017) – Health Issues Centre and Victorian Refugee Health Network


The Royal Australasian College of Physicians Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health
Position Statement (May 2015)


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Other Research links

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Immigrant Health Service has a webpage intended as a clearing house for refugee health research in Australia. Information available in the published peer reviewed literature has been compiled, and links to the relevant PubMed or ERIC abstract are shown.

The Victoria Refugee Health Network library contains resources, policy documents, reports, weblinks and pages relating to refugee health.


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