Mental Health

Mental Health

Resources for Health Professionals


Mental Health Referral Pathway for patients from refugee backgrounds (South East Qld)

This Pathway was developed by the Refugee Health – SE Qld Partnership Advisory Mental Health Working Group. (Updated Feb, 2017).
Email Feedback: so that it can be reviewed by the Mental Health Working Group.


Tips for Mental Health Services (working with people from CALD backgrounds) (QLD, 2015)

Refugees and asylum seekers: Supporting recovery from trauma (Trauma and Grief Network)

The Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre has an extensive range of books, articles, manuals, videos, DVDs and audio resources on a diverse range of transcultural mental issues. New additions to the library are posted on the website every month.

Cross-cultural Mental Health Care: A Resource Kit for GPs and Mental Health Professionals (NSW)

Refugees advice to physicians about how to ask about mental health 

Resources for Community Members


The Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma have developed a brochure for community leaders about mental health. Download the English brochure Information for Community Leaders about Mental Health and to download versions written in Tigrinya, Kirundi and Somali see the QPASTT website.


Translated mental health resources  

Beyondblue bring together a series of reputable translated resources covering a range of topics including pregnancy and new parents, information for families, general mental health information, and information for health professionals. Visit the page HERE

Queensland Health have translated fact sheets about the Mental Health Act.

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