Hearing aids for those aged 25-65 years. This link includes an “eligibility checker” to find out whether your patient is eligible for Government funded hearing aids and information about NDIS for those with hearing impairment.



The PA Audiology team provides a range of hearing assessment and rehabilitation services and a Qld Hearing Bank.

When referring patients to the QLD hearing aid bank at the PA consider the following:

  • The waiting list for hearing aids is approximately 18 months
  • All the hearing aids are second-hand donated refurbished ones
  • Behind the ear style
  • Referral can be made by either a GP or ENT specialist
  • There is no referral form – the doctor needs to write a letter of referral stating financial hardship
  • Fax referral letter to the Metro South referral hub on 1300 364248, including any previous audiograms available.
  • If the patient has any ear problems, these need to be treated by an ENT specialist before suitability for a hearing aid can be properly assessed
  • Please also note, not all people with hearing loss may be suitable for hearing aids.



Targeted Hearing Screening Project offers free hearing screening for children and young people aged from six months to 16, who hold a current Medicare card and live in the Logan City Council catchment.


Darling Downs Hospital & Health Service Audiology

4 – 18 years only, with GP referral (clinical software standard referral template can be used) faxed to 4616-6888. The referral will be triaged with an appointment usually given in approximately 8 weeks.

West Moreton HHS – ENT Outpatients clinic –  Audiogram is only available through ENT clinic.


  • WM HHS Provides an audiology service across all ages, including Paediatrics <2 yrs.
  • Referrals can be made directly to audiology services (if that is all that is required).
  • Fax a GP or other medical practitioner (ie: specialist) referral to Fax: 3810-1509.
  • Audiology Department, Clinical Services Division, works very closely with ENT so if there is a concern about a medical ENT issue (ie: chronic ear infections) and hearing, audiology will be arranged in conjunction with ENT from the one referral to ENT.
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