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Health Assessment








A Refugee Health Assessment can be provided within 12 months of arrival.  

As with all health assessments, consent is required before a health assessment is performed. The item numbers are the same as for all health assessments (703-707).

The health assessment should include:

  • A detailed history
  • Examination
  • Problem list and
  • Management plan.

A copy of the health assessment should be provided to the patient.

More information:

Translated Resources for patients

The Refugee Health Assessment

Translated Resources for Patients

Informed Consent

Metro South Health have developed videos in multiple languages about informed consent so that patients clearly understand the health problem and agree to what the health worker is going to do. View the videos here.

Glossary of terms

Seeing a Doctor, Specialist or health professional (Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health)

Health Alerts

Some people who arrive as refugees, arrive with a health undertaking  and must seek further care for their health issue soon after arrival as a condition of their visa (e.g. for TB and HIV positive patients). The settlement agency usually arranges the linkage with the health service required.

Other people arrive with a health alert.  These patients were identified as having a health issue requiring medical care soon after arrival in Australia and the settlement agency is asked to facilitate this.  More information is available from the Department of Home Affairs Red and General Health Alert Fact Sheets.

Template for Refugee Health Assessments

(Developed by General Practice, Victoria)

Refugee Health Assessment Template (2012)
PDF and rtf versions suit Medical Director and other Medical Software.

Instructions – How to download the Refugee Health Assessment Template and upload to Medical Director

The templates

  • Assist the documentation of a refugee health assessment
  • Contain prompts to cover the information that needs to be collected
  • Contain tips on how to conduct a Refugee Health Assessment.

Resources to support Health Assessments


Videos – Refugee Health Assessment
Health Practitioners discussing how to conduct a Refugee Health Assessment were recorded at a Refugee Health Education in 2017. Some are available below and more videos of this event are available here.

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