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The following list not exhaustive but lists some options for people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds to join in their local community. Please contact the centres directly for more information.

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Queensland Multicultural Resource Directory

Search the online Queensland Multicultural Resource Directory.

The directory lists organisations that offer information, advice, support and networking opportunities, including:

  • community, non-government and government organisations and agencies
  • after-hours cultural schools and religious organisations
  • migrant service organisations

Online Support

Australian Red Cross – InWork Australia – Uses Facebook and LinkedIn to connect new migrants with an online community of supporters of all backgrounds, who have experience and practical tips to share.



Gold Coast


New Syrian Community Association in QLD

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

1.1. Foster a sense of unity among the people of Syrian heritage.

1.2. Organise the people of Syrian heritage to fully participate in the development activities of the Community.

1.3. Identify and work towards the resolution of any socio-economic challenges facing the people of Syrian heritage.

1.4. Educate and provide, as far as possible, support and establish community development services to meet the needs of the people of Syrian heritage.

1.5. Establish appropriate support networks for members of the Association and to advocate and lobby on behalf of the Association for the provision of adequate and appropriate services.

1.6. Initiate or participate in research that leads to identification of the specific needs of the people of Syrian heritage.

1.7. Encourage the participation of people of Syrian heritage as equals without discrimination due to gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age or creed.

1.8. Inspire and promote our cultural heritage and identity.

1.9. Provide assistance to the people of Syrian heritage and promote awareness in the government, private and community sectors on possible improvement of services to meet the needs of the people of Syrian heritage.

1.10. To establish solid relationship with the agencies providing services to the people of Syrian heritage and to participate in the settlement of new Syrian arrivals

The association is covering all QLD.

Contact: George Al-Awad   (President  0470 249 948)

‘Naameh Katreena’   (Secretary)

Rima Flihan     (Public relation and Culture Coordinator)

Building capacity and partnerships to improve health and wellbeing