COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 updates in Queensland in English and translated into some languages in audio or video format. The English versions are in the left column and the other langues are in the right hand column.

Other languages in audio are available from the Queensland African Communities Council website.

Audio and video about Telehealth are available in some languages here. 

Qld Health translated resources (some in audio) here. For up to date alerts please refer to Queensland Health.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test - (19th June, 2020)

(Developed by Metro South Health: Health Equity and Access Unit)

The information covered in the audios on the right include:

  • Should I get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • How can I get tested?
  • How much will the test cost?
  • What should I bring?
  • How is the test done?
  • When will I know the result of my test?
  • Need interpreter or other language support?

Download the whole English script here.

Please note the script refers to testing centres in Metro South area but for a full list of where to get COVID 19 testing across Queensland see Queensland Health.

For an Easy English version of what happens when you get tested see a pictorial version here.


KAREN – Watch the video here.

Download audio messages recorded on June 28, 2020 by Community leaders from the Qld African Communities Council (QACC) in the following languages from QACC radio here.


Reminders about easing of restrictions in Queensland - (May 22nd, 2020)

ENGLISH SCRIPT – Three step plan to easing of restrictions in Queensland May 22nd, 2020). Download script here.


Listen and share audio files in language on the right (created by members of the Mater Refugee Health Advisory Group (G11), bi-cultural staff from Islamic Women’s Association Australia – IWAA, bi-cultural workers from Townsville Multicultural Support Group) and Toowoomba Hospital Health Service in collaboration with Catholic Care based on information from the Queensland government.


More information:

AUDIO FILES (Three Step Plan to easing of restrictions in Qld, May 22nd 2020)

NOTE: Some of these audios have been tailored to community need and focus on one section of the English script (refer to English script in left column).

ARABIC (All sections) – Download

FARSI (Section 4 only) – Download – Section 4 only

KARENNI (All sections) – Download

KIRUNDI (Section one only) – Download

KINYARWANDA – All sections.

Watch here.

KURDISH KURMANJI ( Developed by Toowoomba Hospital Health Service in collaboration with Catholic Care)

Section 1 – Download

Section 2 – Download

Section 3 – Download

Section 4 – Download

SANGO (All sections) – Download

Swahili (Section 4 only) – Download

TIGRINYA – Download

Somali May 22nd, 2020

Building capacity and partnerships to improve health and wellbeing